Murder Mystery Dinners

Since 2013, Sid has been a member of the acting troupe for the Murder Mystery Co., the largest interactive mystery dinner theater in America. Below are several photos of her in her various roles. To see her perform, click on the link provided and order tickets. It is strongly advised that you contact Sid at to confirm that she will be in the cast at whatever show you choose.

Murder Mystery Co. Shows at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Minneapolis and the Knights of Columbus in Stillwater, Minn.

Oola LaSid and PatrickFar left, Sid plays the French maid, Oola La, in “Best Laid Plans.” Near left, she is the lushy maid of honor, Anita Goodman, shown here with Patrick Genelli as Bob Wire, in “Till Death Do Us Part.”




Mary-Katen and the Detective

She is Mary-Katen Ashley to Eric Cohen’s Detective Peter Ness, in “Best Laid Plans” at the Old Spaghetti Factory.






As Miss Di Wrection, Sid is proposed to by the dashing Drew Bludd (Adam Scarpello) at left. Below, clockwise, Adam, Sid, Patrick Genelli as Terry Bull, and Jody Bee at Sharon Gawsup in “Noir She Didn’t.”




1911204_233840716819449_263924392_o  Winner







Sid wins her second “Best Actress” award as an audience member (just before she joined the troupe), playing Jenna Side in “Crime & Punishment.”



stillwater couple


Here, Sid is Bobbi Fairlane, congratulating the audience members who won Prom King and Queen in the ’50s show “A Dance with Death” at the Stillwater Knights of Columbus.